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Mission Monday: Are We A Subcultural Cul-De-Sac?

Love this conversation Brent . . . I think we tend to be so compartmentalized in our way of thinking and living that we easily become different people in different environments.
There are great reasons, dare I say excuses, for this . . . work is not a place to talk about “religion” . . . too much to do to bring up “personal matters” or the worst, I don’t want to offend . . .
One of the theologies that has been lost over the years in our tribe is “The priesthood of ALL believers” . . . When we practically live as if we are all ministers and view our work, our vocations, our place in society, our neighborhoods may it be a cul de sac or a flat in the city as our ministry and calling we will continue to live this double life.
What we need is a paradigm shift on how we view ourselves, our identity.

The McKinney Diner

Most of you know I spend a great deal of time reading about “mission,” what with being a Mission Pastor & all. On Mondays, I try to get your thoughts going about stuff I read. Today’s thoughts come from Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City by Timothy Keller

I met Jim in my first stint at seminary.

His story was being raised in a Christian home. Home-schooled through his elementary school years. Went to a suburban private Christian middle school, that continued through his high school years. Then attended a well-known Christian liberal arts university that had strict behavioral codes. Immediately after graduation he went off to a well-known seminary and completed his Master’s degree. He was working on his doctorate fresh off that stint.

Another guy I hit it off with in the dorm and I invited Jim to go out with us. While Ron and…

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